Local Mobile Marketing Report!



Below are some stats taken from our salon website. It shows the number of people who came to our site in a given month on their PC or on a mobile device (it’s even more now):


As you can see 443 people came to our site and viewed our site on their mobile phone.

The chart below shows you exactly what type of mobile device was used.

As you can see the most popular device by far is the Apple iPhone (that means you should be advertising on the Microsoft/Bing platform locally, but target people on their mobile phones, and direct them to a mobile website):

The chart below is interesting because it shows the number of people who came to a site that is not local. It’s a site that has articles on it and draws traffic from the search engines worldwide. It’s not a local business at all:


As you can see, mobile phones are not being used very much to find information that is not locally based.

But when it comes to looking for a business like our salon/spa, a restaurant, pizza shop, dentist, agent and a host of other local businesses, mobile phones are being used to find them at an exponential rate! Just two years ago only 10% of our visitors were using a mobile phone. But now it’s almost 50%! It will be closer to 80% in a year or two…

For most of us who study internet marketing this is no surprise. People use their mobile phones to find local businesses and look for deals, coupons, and information locally more than 60% of the time on worldwide basis! And it’s growing rapidly.

If you don’t have a mobile website and your competition does, you will get crushed.

  • 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site (Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2019 via IAB).
  • 61% of Smartphone users make local searches from a device (Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study February 2012).

Good News!

The good news is you can hire someone to build a mobile website for you, or you can do it yourself. The cost to hire someone will range from $295 – $1200. But you can do it yourself for a lower price.

If you have any questions about going mobile let me know. We can build a mobile website for you or get your current site mobile optimized, and show you some tips and tricks that your competitors don’t understand or know bout to get new clients super fast.

Otherwise get started on building your mobile website yourself and put it to use right away…

Whether we provide you with a mobile website or you do it yourself, I’ll be glad to send you a special report on how to use your mobile site for your small business to get new customers, and I am talking about techniques your competitors don’t know about or understand

The value of this report is $29, retail. But the amount of money you can make from the techniques should be in the thousands, depending on your average ticket (sale).

I am still writing this report, but it’s almost done. Just send me the receipt when you order through this link (30 day free trial), or I’ll get it to you when you invest in a custom design from my company.