Getting Started With WordPress

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Getting Started With WordPress

WordPress is very widely used blog site. There are numerous website that use WordPress for their content management. If you are a first-time user, there is nothing to worry about. WordPress is very easy to operate and also very simple. All you need to do is just follow the instructions and very soon you would be having your own blogging site.

The first and most important step that you need to do is to setup the hosting and then install WordPress. It is not a rocket science and can be done by any person who has basic computer knowledge. If you are still not sure, follow the step by step guide that is available online and do just as instructed and your installation will be done. If the installation is not complete or not done properly then the whole idea of creating a WordPress would go for a toss.

Getting Started With WordPress

Check the Settings
The next step after installation is setting things up. Once you log in to your WordPress account, the settings have to be checked and made sure that it is as per your requirements. Care should be taken to ensure that the privacy settings are set accordingly.

After checking the settings, you have to choose a theme for your website. The background, layout pattern and design have to be chosen as per your likings. There are a lot of free themes available. If you would like to look into more variety and then premium themes are also available.

Customize The Widgets
The widgets can be added as per your requirements. You can easily drag and drop these to the position where you want them to be. This is where you have to make sure as to what would you like your visitors to do; whether you want them to subscribe to the mailing list or follow on social networking websites, what would help the visitors or what would be of interest to them, all these can be customized in the widgets. You should make your page look in such a way that the visitors are attracted to see the most important or best articles first. This would create an interest in them and make them to explore more pages.

Start Your Blog
Once everything else is set, all you need to do is to start blogging. It would not be wrong to state the contents are the heart of any website or blog. So, one should ensure that only high quality and relevant contents are uploaded in the website. These contents should also be uploaded in a frequent manner so that there is a new content whenever a visitor visits again.

Contents are very important but they are not all. You need to add some plugins for images as well. Adding a video is also a good option. There are a lot of plugins that are available on the market. These can ease out your work and make blogging less stressful and even more fun. The use of plug-ins in blogs has thus become inevitable.