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Web Hosting WordPress Review

Web Hosting WordPress Review

Hostingtopreviews.com Review
hostingtopreviews.com be a formidable enterprise hosting provider. They have a package that is simple but still has a complete feature and is not only suitable bog but also for small scale and medium scale, or a private user. They offer unlimited best and most reliable and secure. hostingtopreviews.com is an award winning hosting provider. They won because they were able to offer a top class hosting services to suit every type of user out there. Their customer support is also an excellent feature that makes them one of the leading hosting providers out there.

The reason why many users choose hostingtopreviews.com website is for the reason they are the best reliability. That is also the reason why they won many awards in this hosting business. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee materialize, they have some great standard shared hosting features (backed by a 90-day full money back guarantee) include: a free domain name or transfer, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free WordPress ™ or Premium Web Builder ™ installation , host unlimited websites, free blogging software.

Control Panel
Using the control panel of the superbly familiar in the hands of many users hosting will make it easier for all. With all the cPanel control panel is very simple, but it still has a full range of features. This icon-based control panel to help everyone manage files, email, ftp accounts, put up a blog in no time.

hostingtopreviews.com WordPress Hosting starting at $ 6.95/mo regularly. In a special partnership with hostingtopreviews.com, now they are offering 44% discounts to attract $ 3.95/mo for all visitors going through this link hostingtopreviews.com promotion. As designed, hostingtopreviews.com not provide any kind of discount for the extension, so we suggest you go with hostingtopreviews.com for 3 years at a time that you can save up to $ 108 once. With a guarantee of up to 90 days money back FULL, your purchase hostingtopreviews.com totally risk-free and worry-free.

We all know that for a good company must have good customer support as well. hostingtopreviews.com Similarly, they have the support of the best support teams, made up of people with high knowledge about hosting, so that will help resolve any issues you may have. Their service through phone line, email, forum. If not you can use a simple FAQ for more help.

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Local Mobile Marketing !

Local Mobile Marketing Report!



Below are some stats taken from our salon website. It shows the number of people who came to our site in a given month on their PC or on a mobile device (it’s even more now):


As you can see 443 people came to our site and viewed our site on their mobile phone.

The chart below shows you exactly what type of mobile device was used.

As you can see the most popular device by far is the Apple iPhone (that means you should be advertising on the Microsoft/Bing platform locally, but target people on their mobile phones, and direct them to a mobile website):

The chart below is interesting because it shows the number of people who came to a site that is not local. It’s a site that has articles on it and draws traffic from the search engines worldwide. It’s not a local business at all:


As you can see, mobile phones are not being used very much to find information that is not locally based.

But when it comes to looking for a business like our salon/spa, a restaurant, pizza shop, dentist, agent and a host of other local businesses, mobile phones are being used to find them at an exponential rate! Just two years ago only 10% of our visitors were using a mobile phone. But now it’s almost 50%! It will be closer to 80% in a year or two…

For most of us who study internet marketing this is no surprise. People use their mobile phones to find local businesses and look for deals, coupons, and information locally more than 60% of the time on worldwide basis! And it’s growing rapidly.

If you don’t have a mobile website and your competition does, you will get crushed.

  • 61% of customers who visit a mobile unfriendly site are likely to go to a competitor’s site (Karim Temsamani at IABALM 2019 via IAB).
  • 61% of Smartphone users make local searches from a device (Localeze/15miles Fifth Annual comScore Local Search Usage Study February 2012).

Good News!

The good news is you can hire someone to build a mobile website for you, or you can do it yourself. The cost to hire someone will range from $295 – $1200. But you can do it yourself for a lower price.

If you have any questions about going mobile let me know. We can build a mobile website for you or get your current site mobile optimized, and show you some tips and tricks that your competitors don’t understand or know bout to get new clients super fast.

Otherwise get started on building your mobile website yourself and put it to use right away…

Whether we provide you with a mobile website or you do it yourself, I’ll be glad to send you a special report on how to use your mobile site for your small business to get new customers, and I am talking about techniques your competitors don’t know about or understand

The value of this report is $29, retail. But the amount of money you can make from the techniques should be in the thousands, depending on your average ticket (sale).

I am still writing this report, but it’s almost done. Just send me the receipt when you order through this link (30 day free trial), or I’ll get it to you when you invest in a custom design from my company.

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Local Marketing

Review Site Submission
Let Local Marketing Titan auto create new accounts at the top review sites and post reviews for your clients businesses flawlessly. Yes, this software truly does it all for you.
Client Finder
Local Marketing Titan will find you new clients hand over fist. You also will get their contact information to include emails and best of all contact them directly through the software with our client contacter.
Press Release Submission
Submit Press Releases to all the top sites showcasing your clients business and specialitys. This will surely drive their profits up! Oh, by the way, did I mention your profits would increase too?
Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is a must, Local Marketing Titan will submit your links and create accounts at these sites, driving not only more targeted traffic to your clients site, but also increases their organic rankings as well as page rank.
Client Reports
What good would it be if you had a tool this powerful at your disposle, but couldn’t send your clients reports each and every month. LMT will automatcally send brandable reports each and every month on autopilot. That’s right, use your company logo’s to send your clients professional reports illustrating just how effective LMT really is for them.
High PR Link Finder
High PR Link Finder allows you to find high Page Rank websites, blogs and more that you can post comments too. Operates by keyword so it is relevant to your niche and keyword, is there anything we didn’t add to this software?
Backlink Builder
Backlink builder creates accounts and submits profile backlinks to high page rank sites. Yet another tool in the arsenal. Backlinks that will skyrocket client rankings into orbit.
RSS Submission
Auto create and submit rss feeds with push button ease. This will help get your clients backlinks indexed at light speed.
Video Submission
Submitting videos for clients just got better and a whole lot easier. Local Marketing Titans video submission module will submit videos to all the top sites driving tons of traffic back to your clients website.
Advanced Technology
Local Marketing Titan features state of the art technology that not only verifies accounts by email. It also features smart proxy technology by location. This meaning ip’s used will be very local to your location. In addition, the user pool database lets all users share accounts for review sites so reviews appear natural to google coming from all different locations.
Client Tracking
Client tracking lets you track all keywords for each website your client owns. Simple, yet effective Local Marketing Titan will track this data any time you need it most. Day or night, 365/7 days a week.
Award Winning Support
Video tutorials are conviently located within the software, so no fussing over logging into a site or having to dig up a user guide. Matthew and his team give support using a helpdesk system. Too shy to submit a support ticket? Give us a call, YES, we also do telephone support as well!
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QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing and Your Local Small Business!

QR code marketing is something you should test right away. Why? Because it’s cutting edge, and for the few prospective customers who use it currently, it’s a big timer saver. But first, lets cover the basics of QR codes and their history, and then I’ll get into some marketing ideas.

You must have seen those cryptic narrow and wide lines on label or wrapper of the item that you recently bought from a store. Or maybe you noticed them on coupons? One often wonders what these lines are for when the cashier runs a scanner across those alien drawings.

You probably figured out that the data reflects on the computer screen as soon as the scanner scans the mystical code which means some sort of information was stored in those lines. Those seemingly alien lines are called barcodes which are very popular among the retail chains for identifying and capturing the data about the products they sell, or for identifying a coupon in relation to the product being offered at a discount.

These lines have been in existence for a long time. So as the usage of this technology becomes more and more frequent, it gives rise to the need of inventing evolved technologies which offer more and more benefits over the existing one. The all popular barcodes have evolved into the QR codes now. The images of QR code banners in the magazines, banners, neon signs etc., can be easily spotted these days. To give you a little overview, barcodes are linear and one dimensional codes as they can be read or scanned only in one direction. This also limits the scope of data storage capacities of the barcode.

This limitation is overcome by introducing a more immaculate coding system which is the two dimensional code. The two dimensional code can store comparative larger amount of data. This makes it a preferred choice when it comes to storing larger amounts of data.

The two dimensional code can not only store numbers and simple characters which is what one dimensional data normally does, but also stores high density data such as music, images etc. There are a number of formats available under the two dimensional code. But the one format that has received a widespread popularity is the Quick Response code.

Quick Response codes or QR Codes as they are popularly known have made a remarkable mark of their own. A QR Code is a two dimensional code which is arguably the most famous of all other so called two dimensional codes. They are the successor of the popular one dimensional coding system which has secured its place in the inventory management systems of almost all sorts of things which are sold.

One can say the QR code is just a newfangled barcode. Your local mall is quite possibly filled with as many one dimensional codes as the number of products they store or sell.

QR Codes – A Short History: In the year 1994, the QR code was developed by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota for usage in the automobile industry. The vehicles being manufactured on the assembly floors needed a simple mechanism that could help the tracking of the manufacturing process and the autos and auto parts.

This was the purpose why the QR code was developed. But because of the comparatively high data carrying capacity of the QR code, it found its way into other streams as well. This technology has become very commonplace in Japan and other countries such as USA are also seeing an increased usage of the technology.

 Why QR Codes Are Useful For Consumers and Businesses

The high data storage capacity of the QR codes is what makes them nicely positioned for getting hugely popular. QR codes tend to essentially replace the now ubiquitous one dimensional barcodes which have comparatively lesser storage capacity. As users have started interacting with the brands more than ever, the use of QR codes to engage the user groups has become relevant.

What’s in it for consumer?

The advent of smartphone usage among the masses has triggered a number of new and innovative measures which enhance the interaction of the brands with the user. Let’s say for example you are planning to buy a pair of sunglasses for yourself. You would definitely find a number of options based on the price, quality, brand value etc.

Now you come across an ad for sunglasses in a magazine. But you are looking for more details except for pictures and catchy tag lines. But the tech savvy marketing team of the sunglasses company has put a QR code in the advertising piece. So you take your smartphone out of your pocket, scan the QR code with the pre installed software, and the browser in your phone takes you to more details and a video.

The consumer has a lot more information accessible to him or her which can be easily accessed within a couple of clicks. Most of the smartphones come with the QR code scanners pre-installed these days. The user interface of this software is also quite user friendly. The consumer is empowered by having access to more and more information about the product that the traditional media cannot deliver.

At the same time, the user has to take an action in order to access the content embedded in a QR code. This helps the user to stay away from the spam which is becoming too commonplace these days. As most of the people who have used their smartphones for scanning QR codes would agree, using QR codes is not a tough thing to do. It’s as easy as clicking a picture. Even if you are not good with the camera, the advance in the QR code scanner technology also takes care of it.

What’s in it for businesses?

If consumers can reach the content they get to as a result of scanning the a QR codes, it is good for businesses because businesses decide what content the consumer should access, and if the content is chosen wisely, it can increase conversions and awareness of the products and services being offered.

The huge popularity of QR code scanning among the masses around the world has opened a new channel for the businesses to interact with the consumer.

The novelty factor of QR codes and the easy availability of the QR code scanners in most of the smartphones these days has made the users even more prone to accessing the QR codes published through various marketing channels.

What Big Business Is Doing With QR Codes

QR codes have the potential to give the marketing campaigns of the companies a great boost. A number of companies have included QR codes as an integral part of their marketing strategies.

I searched through several popular magazines to see what advertisers are doing with QR codes in their ads. After all, they are spending big money to be in any of the magazine I searched through (National Geographic, Fortune, and Better Homes).

(After the following advertising examples I will cover how a small business like yours can use QR codes in more effective ways than even these big advertisers).

Effective QR Code Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

The QR code is the new kid on the block for many businesses new or old, big or small, even though this was first used a long time ago. Since then businesses have started using QR codes in a number of different manners which have proved to be quite beneficial for them. The main idea behind including the QR code in your marketing strategy is to take the consumer interaction from an offline interaction to an online interaction. Once the consumer is online, it can be an effective way to generate highly qualified leads (prospective customers). The leads generated in this manner are more than to be targeted leads.

This is new, a custom made tile with a custom made QR code. Great for any retail or restaurant situation by MiniMasters:

Here are some simple yet effective QR code marketing ideas:

  • Put a QR code block on your business cards. Business cards are usually boring. People keep looking for ways of making their business cards as interesting as it can get. Putting a QR code there is a good idea. You may want your website address (URL) on your business cards. But how many people who get your business card make the effort to read the URL and actually type it into their browser? If you put a QR code block on your business card people who have it can visit the website on their smartphones with the click of a button. Not only that, you can even customize the QR codes to give access to selected pages and content of your choosing.
  • Real estate agencies can use QR codes on the property signs of the property for sale or the marketing material they hand out. Agencies can embed a QR code which will carry (redirect) the prospective client to the images or even video clips of the property. This enables the prospective client to get a feel for the property before they pay a real-time visit. This reflects well on the part of the real estate agency as well as the property for sale.
  • You can use the QR codes for building a stronger social media presence. If you are a retail store, a restaurant owner, or a business to business operation, you can put a QR code on your website header, banners, and marketing material etc. which directs visitors to the social media handles of your business (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.).
  • In the above case you can even use QR codes for giving incentives to people who use your services, buy your product, or even ‘like’ your Facebook page. You can give them discounts for doing so. Incentivizing their actions can prove to be a strong way of building customer loyalty.

Similarly QR codes can be used in a number of ways. You should always make sure that you take into account all the challenges and limitations that QR codes have for marketing purposes.


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You Can Customize Your WordPress Pages with Plugins

Customize WordPress Pages with Plugins

If you have a company with a site you want to make it special for your clientele. You can do this with a wordpress consumer private spot plugin. These varieties of plugins will let you to have distinct customer locations that registered customers can have accessibility to versus just browsers. Consumer management is a element of this process. This management can be defined in a variety of ways. You can gather information on your clients. You can require approval for all new end users/consumers to your internet site. You can assign buyer logins and passwords. You can control what page a registered user is directed to. There are many issues in your manage when you use a wordpress client personal area plugin.

Far more and a lot more web site designs are tailored to give registered end users perks and rewards for signing up. Customer rewards are also critical and can be incorporated through the use of a wordpress customer login plugin. You can also receive a lot more client suggestions making use of info gathered from customers utilizing plugins.

Customize WordPress Pages with Plugins

WordPress is a package that was originally created for bloggers. Via the use of plugins you can make a totally working site for organization use. Utilizing plugins you can tweak your internet site to entice far more users, make it simpler to use and enhance your advertising and marketing plan. Getting a effectively imagined out consumer region is the first stage to a much more professional website.

With a wordpress consumer personal spot you can have end users register. This process can be manual, automatic or a combination of each. You can let end users to choose their own login identify and password or you can decide on to either assign it or approve it. When a user has a login they can have entry to the articles you pick. When they are finished they can log out. You may have special pages, downloads, video clips, pictures or other perks that are for registered end users only.

Collecting data is also a perform of possessing a wordpress customer login plugin. You can, of program, collect standard information like email, identify, tackle and mobile phone numbers. But you can acquire other data as well. You can add a lot of fields on the client profile that will allow you to data mine information on your registered users.

Utilizing a wordpress customer login plugin you can direct your customers to in which you want them to go. Registered end users will only have entry to the pages you authorize. You have the capability to shield pages and restrict content material. There are common publishing amounts of ‘private’ and ‘public’. For much more manage of your pages you want to use a plugin that manages entry at the user level.

A wordpress consumer login plugin will allow you to customize the login web page to match the all round design of your net site. But there are also plugins that will area the login on a side bar exactly where it is simply accessible to your end users. With the use of all these plugins you can help give a greater user expertise to the all possible users of your site.


Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?

Overview of WordPress



  1. Hosted under your own domain name WordPress software is FREE
  2. Really easy publishing system you can manage yourself and get beyond an online brochure
  3. More than a blog it can power your whole websiteWhy WordPress?
  4. Your blog page is integrated with your website for great SEO to boost your position on search results pages
  5. Updating and Adding new pages and blog posts only requires basic technical skills
  6. If you can send an email and create a Word document you can manage your website/blog page
  7. WP is web-based you can update your website and blog posts from any computer with an internet connection
  8. Theme Designs and add-ons are easy to install for photo galleries, ecommerce, membership sites, advertising and much more
  9. Tons of FREE and Premium web design themes you can spend more time on your content and implementing your online strategies
  10. Robust website analytics
  11. Advanced blog spam protection for Akismet
  12. It’s the #1 open source Content Management System & publishing platform with superior functionality and support

Why WordPress?

WordPress Tips

How are you going to create & maintain your website?

Changing the way websites are created

If you are a small business or entrepreneur:
How are you going to create & maintain your website?

Gone are the days where you have to depend on a webmaster pulling the levers behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz to make the magic happen.

How are you going to create & maintain your website?

You can be empowered to take charge of your website and publish more than an online brochure.  WordPress publishing software offers the tools Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs need to create website magic on their own.

Using WordPress to build your website is like having a pair of Ruby Slippers take you home.

The Small Business WordPress Training website is here to bring you just enough information to get where you want to go with your website.

Not too much and not too little.

We give you the training, tips, tools and resources you need to manage your own website.  The information is selected for the Small Business Owner who is managing their own website and Virtual Assistants managing websites.

We sift through all of the information out there and select the nuggets that make it easy to monetize and manage your WP website.

Here you will find:

  • Tips
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • How-to clinics
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • And more

How are you going to create & maintain your website

WordPress Website/Blogsite

Create a New WordPress Website or Blogsite – Need a new website or blogsite?  Let me take care of it for you.

We’ll make sure you have the best domain name and WP hosting and create a content & marketing strategy, select and customize a theme.  Then I’ll get WP setup and installed the right way insuring your site is secure, backed-up and search engine optimized; and that you have the best tools to work with to maintain and update your site.

Once the main pages and content are in place you’ll learn the basics and then some on how to add posts, pages, audio, video, everything you need to keep your website up-to-date.  Contact me to schedule a review of your project.

Basic Setup Essential Settings and Plugin Installation – Have WP installed the right way insuring your site is secure, backed-up and search engine optimized; and that you have the best tools to work with to maintain and update your site.  This package also includes the installation and configuration of essential website add-ons such as:

  • email opt-in forms
  • Feedburner RSS and email blog subscription
  • favicon creation and installation
  • comprehensive analytics
  • Google website verification

Content Strategy – One of the best advantages to using WordPress CMS to power your website is the the blog functions allow you to present your content to your visitors in more than one way.  Creative use of blog posts, categories, tags, links and pages offers unique ways of organizing your content and allowing visitors and search engines to find it.  We’ll work together to create a content strategy that optimizes WordPress’s many options and meets your marketing objectives.


Website Rescue – If your website is “dead-in-the-water” you can’t update it, it’s not meeting your marketing objectives.  Let’s take a look and see if WordPress is a good solution and what you’ll need to get your website back in business.


Theme consultation & Theme customization

Website Transfer

WordPress.com to WordPress.org

Change hosting companies

HTML or other CMS to WordPress

Contact me to schedule a review of your project.

WordPress 1 on 1 Training

WordPress Training- 4 hours of training in 2 sessions

Customized Training

Consulting & Strategy

Creating an Online Presence Marketing Strategy

Blog Strategy

Website Audit

Website Planning

Contact me to schedule a review of your project.

WordPress Website Maintenance & Support

Page Updates

Page Redesign

WordPress Plugin Installation

Tech Support

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Website analysis

SEO analysis w/implementation

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How to Secure Your WordPress

How to Secure Your WordPress wp-config.php File

Securing your wp-config.php file should be one of your top WordPress security priorities.

The config file in WordPress contains all the data, (database name, username and password,) a Hacker needs to know to get into your database. Once into your database it is possible to change your data configuration and your passwords, effectively locking you out of your own website. Hiding you config file is a simple task that will take you less than 5 minutes to implement. See video below:-

WordPress lets you place your wp-config.php file one level above the installation folder, so as long as your wordpress is installed in the main public_html (www) directory, you can move it up to your main user directory out of public sight. You can do this in your CPanel file manager or with an FTP program such as Filezilla.

How to Secure Your WordPress

By default the permissions on the config file are set to 664 which allows the public to read the file. Once you have moved it above the www directory it won’t be visible to the visitor but as there is no need for it to be writable, so you can safely change the file permissions to 600.

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Hosting WordPress

Hosting WordPress


Hosting Top Reviews

Minimum Requirements

Once you have registered your domain name, you are ready to purchase hosting for WordPress. It is important to make sure that whatever host that you choose has the minimum requirements for running a WordPress installation. If the minimum requirements are not met, your website will not function properly. If all of this sounds like too much trouble, just scroll down a bit further and you’ll see a couple of hosting providers that do meet these requirements.

  • PHP version 5.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • Required for multi-site: Apache mod_rewrite module for clean URIs known as Permalinks


  • PHP version 4.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 4.1.2 or greater
  • Required for multi-site: Apache mod_rewrite module for clean URIs known as Permalinks

I Use HostGator for Hosting WordPress Blogs

I’ve used a few different web hosting companies over the years. The host that I now use and highly recommend for a WordPress site is HostGator. Why?

  • They have all the requirements for a WordPress website
  • Their prices are great
  • Their uptime is outstanding (how often their servers are operating, not down with problems or maintenance)
  • If you ever have a question, even at 3 in the morning, you can get help in just a few minutes with their live chat service.
  • They have a tool called Fantastico that will quickly install WordPress for you.
  • PLUS, they have a ton of instructional videos, including one showing you how to install WordPress using Fantastico!

wordpress logo themeshop

Another WordPress Hosting Option

I can’t personally vouch for them because I’ve never used them, but WordPress.com advertises Bluehost as a good hosting company to use. They do have a program that will install WordPress for you so that you don’t need to install it manually. The instructions on this website for installing WordPress will not work for Bluehost, but I’m sure that is just as easy. They also offer a free domain name for one year which isn’t technically free. They credit your account for the cost when you sign up, and you pay the full price each year after the first year. I still highly recommend that you register one on your own through GoDaddy so that you have full control over it (as mentioned in the previous step).

WordPress Tips

We just present the promotion of companies base their business

Promotion of companies base their business


We just present the promotion of companies base their business model in the world by educating their website at the top of the search engines by organic forms that meet our customers’ needs of our customers. SEO is all that the site specified in the search engine at the top, type keywords or identified by the client.With our geographic location in the bustling financial capital of the world “London” is a benefit for us to reach our customers. We just did not get to think about SEO services to our clients site on Google, but proud. At creating brand identity for our customers, because they say that the promotion of a website is the first step marketing process- Anything less at the top of Google means more traffic to your website, of course, is likely therefore to more new customers.

Unlike most other SEO companies that uses bespoke software for SEO services that never get a website to the top of search engines, only the “frustrated customers and organized, but while our focus in SEO Web Design Service Co of List of books by a painstaking process of search engine optimization of a method for the identification and networking website.Social naturally increases traffic on the website. social bookmarking sites are sites that we collect as various websites and internet media, “store categories, and prioritize signals use search links and descriptive data in relation to resources.

We also have a policy of money back guarantee, which means you sign a contract for 6 months with our customers and promise to customers that your site would be at the top of Google or any other search engine within the first 2-3 months (depending of the intensity of competition keyword), and if we fail to put your website on Google full money back to our customers. Whether the goal is to target local or global market, it has become vital for a company to have an online presence. Every company is setting web design experts. With a unique design for your business website Consider not appear the importance of SEO services in major search engines.

The Internet is a powerful tool to more business opportunities, but it requires a strategy with which websites can be displayed on the top pages of search engine results. Regardless of the target group, it is important to have a website that can develop the theme of the corporate goals and vision match, and can engage visitors more time highs. It is therefore important, in the eye to SEO techniques to keep web design is not only user friendly but also search engines. All this can be achieved through the adoption of high-quality services from a reliable and experienced provider of SEO and web design services. With the burgeoning industry is very important to select a good fit for your business. So make a list of SEO web design companies, favorites of the best ways to compare prices and plans, and make the final decision.

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